Useful stuff! You have got swag!🔥🔥🔥

☝New Vocabulary for you, my dear students ⁣


There are some different meanings of the word:⁣

🔺Swag – free things that you are given, for example at an event:⁣
The bag was full of swag from the conference: coupons, samples, pens, etc.⁣
🔺Swag -( slang) a fashionable and confident appearance or way of behaving:⁣
That girl’s got swag.⁣
🔺 Swag – (Australian english old-fashioned ) possessions wrapped in a cloth and carried by a person who does not have a home or a job, but walks around from place to place⁣
And some others… ⁣ ⁣
Who has got swag here? ⁣😈

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